Rami Kadi Haute Couture FW15/16

The Bug Phobia

As soon as I arrived in Paris I made a beeline for Rami Kadi’s presentation. From the moment it began, I knew I would have to write about his haute couture collection, Lucioles. It is not only breathtaking to look at but the story behind it truly moved me. As the lights dimmed and everything was glowing in the dark, I caught a glimpse of an important editor in the fashion industry in tears and I can’t say I blame her. In fashion, every design has a story but it is the rare collection that can transcend storytelling and speak to our souls.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology and spent a lot of time learning about phobias. We are not born with phobias, we acquire them. I mean babies are fearless until that first fall.  We not only acquire phobias through experience but we learn by observing others reactions, a fear can brush off on you.  The thoughts behind a phobia can have an enormous amount of influence in your life and can control you to a great extent. Although a phobia can be triggered by one small event, it usually takes a lot of work and commitment to overcome it. Facing and overcoming your greatest fears, is one of the hardest things you may do in your life.  But once you do it, the feeling of accomplishment and empowerment is amazing!!  I have done a lot to overcome my fear of flying (how many of you are afraid to fly??) Because I fly a lot, I knew I had to tackle it head on. I worked with a hypnotherapist for a while and now can stay calm, even during turbulence.  Next project is dealing with my arachnophobia…..eww spiders!!!

When Rami introduced to me his beautiful new collection featuring Scarab bug designs I had to ask why he chose to use these beautiful critters. I thought he would tell me  about wanting to evoke the mystery and glamour of ancient Egypt (Scarabs were central to ancient Egyptian religion and artifacts). But his story was much more personal.  He had a phobia of bugs, any and all kinds of bugs. He wanted to use bugs in a positive beautiful way, so that he would be able to face and overcome his fear. Creating beautiful designs using the Scarab forced his perception of critters to change from something to fear to something to showcase and admire. And it worked! After completing the collection he does see bugs in a whole new light.  Not only does he see the beauty of some of nature’s smallest creatures he now associates them with a fantastic professional accomplishment, the Lucioles collection.  They say work is important to heal wounds and I admire the way Rami healed his phobia with art, beauty and elegance.

By the way the bugs in this collection glow in the dark. How much more light can there be in a fashion story…

I was wearing a colorful Moshino dress with &OtherStories flats and my limited edition Dior bag.

Dress: Moschino
Bag: Dior
Shoes: &OtherStories


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