Cut outs are creating perfect summer dresses yes but this AMAZING Free people cut out dress is pure perfection! Not only are the cuts tailored to stand out but also the print is absolutely gorgeous. The amount of compliments I received over this dress while in St. Tropez was hilarious! I think every girl is in need of such a dress this summer 😉
I styled it with space buns, mirrored aviators , and a perfect cross-body beach bag to give it a Coachella kinda look!

Dress: Free People
Sunglasses: Tiffany (shop similar here)
Shoes: Brian Atwood
Bag: Blanco (shop similar here)

الفساتين الكت اون هي افضل فساتين الصيف المثالية ومع ماركة فري بيبول الفستان في منتهي الابداع و الجمال! الفساتين دي مصممة مخصوص عشان تبين اد ايه هي جميلة و مش بس كده ده كمان طباعتها بتزيد اناقة علي اناقتها. مش قادرة اوصفلكم كم المجاملات اللي اتقالتلي بسبب الفستان ده وانا في سان تروبيز! وأعتقد أن كل بنت لازم يبقي عندها فستان زي ده للصيف.

انا لبست الفستان ده مع شوز سباس بنس,  نضارة ميرور افايتور و شنطة الشاطئ الكروس عشان يبقي الشكل كله كوتشيلا كيندا.

الفستان: فري بيبول
النظارة: تيفاني (تسوق موديلات شبيهة من هنا)
الشوز: بريان اتوود
الشنطة: بلانكو (تسوق موديلات شبيهة من هنا)

Le Club 55

It’s been eight years since I last visited St. Tropez. So much had changed but the fun places are still as fun as they always have been. It’s my favorite party spit in the world and always will be!
On this beautiful day spent at Le Club 55 I was wearing this beautiful off-shoulder Lovers and Friends LA dress . I styled it with my new Soludos espadrilles. I’m obsessed with this new “it” brand in espadrilles so be sure to check out their amazing collection on Shopbop.

Dress: Lovers and Friends LA
Sunglasses: Celine
Espadrilles: Soludos


اخر مرة زرت تروبيز كان من 8 سنين. اتغيرت كتير عن الاول بس الاماكن الجميلة زي ماهي جميلة و كلها مرح. هتفضل دايما مكان المفضل في العالم.
انا قضيت اليوم الجميل ده هناك في لي كلوب 55 و كنت لابسة فستان في منتهي الجمال ماركة لافرز اند فريندز. انا لبسته مع الشوز الجديد سولدوز اللي انا بجد مهووسة بيه و عشان تشوفوا كل موديلات سولدوز التحفة من خلال موقع شوب بوب .

الفستان: لافرز اند فريندز
النضارة: سيلين
الشوز: سولدوز


For Love and Lemons

This For Love and Lemons dress is a new must-have item! You can find it as a top too here .
I truly like this creative brand which always uses lace integrated with embroidery and some daring colors. Their lingerie is also fantastic!
I styled it with my new Ulli Mahler round black shades and n21 x Kartell sliders.

Dress: For Love and Lemons
Sunglasses: Ulli Mahler
Bag: Hermes
Shoes: N21 x Kartell

البوست ده لفستان (فور لاف اند ليمونز) الفستان اللي لازم تقتنيه! تقدري تلاقي نفس الموديلات هنا. انا بجد بحب البراند ديه جدا لانها بتستخدم الدانتيل مع التطريز ده غير الألوان الجريئة. ده غير طبعا لانجيري بتاعهم تحفة.
طبعا الفستان ده بيزيد جمال مع نظارات اوللي ماهلر السوداء و شوز ان 21 اكس كارتيل.

الفستان:  فور لاف اند ليمونز
النظارة: اوللي ماهلر
الشنطة: هيرمس
الشوز: ان 21 اكس كارتيل 

rami kadi haute couture fw15/16

The Bug Phobia

As soon as I arrived in Paris I made a beeline for Rami Kadi’s presentation. From the moment it began, I knew I would have to write about his haute couture collection, Lucioles. It is not only breathtaking to look at but the story behind it truly moved me. As the lights dimmed and everything was glowing in the dark, I caught a glimpse of an important editor in the fashion industry in tears and I can’t say I blame her. In fashion, every design has a story but it is the rare collection that can transcend storytelling and speak to our souls.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology and spent a lot of time learning about phobias. We are not born with phobias, we acquire them. I mean babies are fearless until that first fall.  We not only acquire phobias through experience but we learn by observing others reactions, a fear can brush off on you.  The thoughts behind a phobia can have an enormous amount of influence in your life and can control you to a great extent. Although a phobia can be triggered by one small event, it usually takes a lot of work and commitment to overcome it. Facing and overcoming your greatest fears, is one of the hardest things you may do in your life.  But once you do it, the feeling of accomplishment and empowerment is amazing!!  I have done a lot to overcome my fear of flying (how many of you are afraid to fly??) Because I fly a lot, I knew I had to tackle it head on. I worked with a hypnotherapist for a while and now can stay calm, even during turbulence.  Next project is dealing with my arachnophobia…..eww spiders!!!

When Rami introduced to me his beautiful new collection featuring Scarab bug designs I had to ask why he chose to use these beautiful critters. I thought he would tell me  about wanting to evoke the mystery and glamour of ancient Egypt (Scarabs were central to ancient Egyptian religion and artifacts). But his story was much more personal.  He had a phobia of bugs, any and all kinds of bugs. He wanted to use bugs in a positive beautiful way, so that he would be able to face and overcome his fear. Creating beautiful designs using the Scarab forced his perception of critters to change from something to fear to something to showcase and admire. And it worked! After completing the collection he does see bugs in a whole new light.  Not only does he see the beauty of some of nature’s smallest creatures he now associates them with a fantastic professional accomplishment, the Lucioles collection.  They say work is important to heal wounds and I admire the way Rami healed his phobia with art, beauty and elegance.

By the way the bugs in this collection glow in the dark. How much more light can there be in a fashion story…

I was wearing a colorful Moshino dress with &OtherStories flats and my limited edition Dior bag.

Dress: Moschino
Bag: Dior
Shoes: &OtherStories

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture FW15/16


Zuhair Murads show was all about Stars! Everything was sparkling with crystal and sequin embroideries. Colors ranged from glittery dark shades of red, green, blue. My favorite pieces were the gorgeous form-fitting jumpsuits!
His bride was wearing an off-white and silver gown with a veil full of stars touching the ground…

I was wearing the Lace Peplum mini dress by Self Portrait with my favorite Sophia Webster silver butterfly heels.

Dress: Self Portrait
Bag: Yazbukey
Shoes: Sophia Webster

The Incas Poncho

Barons Papillom launched their newest collection and I already picked my favorite during Paris Fashionweek! Their shoes come with their ultimate orange sole which indicates which indicates the Parisian Streets from Place de l’étoile to their store on Rue Vavin.
I loved the store and took a few more snaps for you guys to see if their new collection.
I couldn’t resist the Incas Poncho Multicolor. It’s perfect for Spring and Summer and I can’t wait to wear it over and over again! 🙂

I wore them with my gorgeous vintage pink jacket I had bought from Rome and a lovely vest-dress from TopShop.

Shoes: Barons Papillom
Sunglasses: Celine
Clutch: Yazbukey
Dress: TopShop

The Caplet Collar

Faux fur caplet collars have made a big come back this year and I’m loving mine by Asos! I skmple wear t over and plain leather jacket or even on a dress or shirt and BAM everything is transferred into a new haute look.
On this gorgeous day in Paris heading to lunch in Flottes I was wearing my Stella and Jamie leather jacket with the Asos Faux Fur Caplet. You can’t recognize the leather jacket as it’s been completely transformed 🙂

Faux Fur Caplet: Asos
Jacket: Stella and Jamie
Sunglasses: Celine
Bag: YSL
Dress: Romeo Juliet Clothing
Boots: Maria Pino

Colour Block

One of the most eye-catching coats of be season was this Three Floor colour block coat. With its blue faux fur collar it was a must have. Sadly it’s already sold out everywhere even online (that didn’t take much time) but I’m sure they’ll come up with some new inspirational designs next season! 🙂
I wore it on a chilled out day in Paris where I was taking it easy again simply scrolling through the streets with my 8 months bump. I styled it with this simple loose River Island dress and these pastel colored New Balance kicks.

Dress: River Island
Coat: Three Floor
Sneakers: New Balance
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Dior

The Lips

Wearing this funky skirt with a lips print which is not exactly the Rolling Stones logo but by my favorite Swedish brand Monki. I wore it with simple over the knee socks and my fluffy black sweater by Brandy Melville during Paris Fashionweek.
When it comes to fluffy materials I am usually not a big fan but I must admit Brandy Melville do produce the best quality soft and fluffy pieces.
I’m about to say goodbye to my winter outfits as summer weather is already approaching us here in Cairo and I have plenty of new spring and summer outfits coming up, so make sure you watch this space 🙂

Sweater: Brandy Melville
Jacket: Elisabetta Franchi
Bag: Hermes
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Balenciaga

Oh So Vogue

I’m in love with my new pink cardigan by Brandy Melville. It truly gives an oh so Vogue impression. In fact I love all their collections it’s definitely one of my favorite stores even though still small and emerging.
I wore the cardigan here with a sequin flowered top by Forever21 during Paris Fashionweek to a casual dinner with friends. I styled them with this outstanding mini skirt by Topshop.

Cardigan: Brandy Melville
Sunglasses: More Is Love
Top: Forever21
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: & Other Stories
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

It’s all about Kate

In the past years Kate Moss has really taken the fashion industry by storm I recently purchased shoes with her moustache face and now those American Retro jeans with a Kate patch on the back pocket 🙂 Be sure to check out the pictures of the details of those awesome jeans full of unique patches! I wore them during Fashionweek in Paris with the new MSGM slip ons and my Max&Co pink leather jacket. Loving all the pinks this season 🙂

Jacket: Max&Co
Jeans: American Retro
Shoes: MSGM
Bag: Hermes

Une Journee Rose

I’m loving Maxmara’s young line Max&Co! They have the most dreamy pieces I have ever seen. Especially this spring season they have all the flower prints and embroidery as you can see here on my sweater, perfect and beautiful!
On this rosy day during Paris Fashionweek I decided to go with a “La vie en Rose” themed look 🙂 Those gorgeous metallic pink sneakers by the French brand Barons Papillom are not only statement shoes but also super comfy for busy days giving you a casual-chic feel wherever you go. Barons Papillom are overall the cutest sneaker I have seen I even love their Butterfly Logo by itself and having it on my sneaker makes me happy 🙂

Sweater: Max&Co
Shoes: Barons Papillom
Jacket: Nadine
Hat: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

The “I Don’t Give a Damn Look”

This look I wore on the second day of Paris fashion week is purely a matter of taste! To some people matching prints like those may seem like a pajama while others will fall in love with this “I don’t give a damn look”! I personally love this look and I wear it a lot especially when I truly don’t give a damn how I look and it always gives off a rather confident vibe. All you have to do is wear two extremely comfy prints and voila…what’s left is your confidence 😉

Mickey Sweater: Disney
Pants: Nadine
Jacket: Elisabetta Franchi
Sunglasses: Prada
Bag: Hermes Constance25
Shoes: Balenciaga

Le Marais

The first thing I do when I visit Paris is head to the beautiful historic Marais area. This area has many buildings with historic and architectural beauty as well as numerous outstanding boutiques with local and international brands. One could walk around for hours here and not get bored even some doors in the neighborhood have eccentric engravings as you can see in some of the pictures. In my eyes this is one of the most beautiful areas of Paris and a must visit.
Strolling through the area hopping from one cafe to the next I wore my new slip on Nike trainers along this gorgeous American Retro studded leather jacket. I added one of Shopart’s new trending red beanies with roses which are for sale now online and in many boutiques in Milan.

Beanie: Shopart
Jacket: American Retro
Pullover: & Other Stories
Pants: BCBG
Bag: Chanel
Sunglasses: Prada
Trainers: Nike


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