Heading out in beautiful Mykonos I wanted to be casual yet a bit bold 🙂 As you can see I couldn’t have been bothered drying my hair that day so I had literally walked out of the shower seconds before putting on this outfit.
My favorite new Minkpink top styled with a vest I had bought the day before in Mykonos once again by Underground the Greek brand I had mentioned and discussed a few weeks ago. The ring is also Greek bought from a local store in Santorini and I’m totally loving the small cute key hole and the pearl, isn’t the design totally adorable? 🙂 And again on such a lazy day I like to wear cross bags! :)Top: Minkpink
Vest: Underground
Sunglasses: Chanel
Clutch: Cream Beirut
Vest: Underground
Espadrilles: Vidorreta

Gotta love Kivotos

Checking in at the lovely Kivotos hotel in Mykonos I immediately noticed the vintage designer trunks they had in the reception area. I’ve seen those before maybe but nope, never in a hotel reception and looking so gorgeous. Ranging from Louis Vuitton of-course to Dior but that’s not all this 5 star boutique luxury hotel has to offer. Each room in this hotel has a style of it’s own and I can guarantee luxury. Kivotos (also home to many celebrities traveling to Mykonos) is definitely where I will also be staying next time around in Mykonos.
I was sipping some drinks here at the reception while waiting for the rest of the gang to get ready so we can head out to for early drinks. I was wearing this stunning Clover Canyon dress with off white wedges.

Venue: Kivotos Mykonos

Dress: Clover Canyon
Sunglasses: Spitfire
Bracelet: Frillu
Shoes: Le Mie Donne
Necklace: Ana Karolina
Clutch: Gigi NewYork

The Camilla Piece

On this sunny day in Athens I was happy to finally wear my Camilla clutch.
A CAMILLA piece (an Australian brand) is known for it’s vibrant colour and the story of the print. Each piece is a true investment. CAMILLA is mostly worn and loved by fashion leaders and celebrities such as BeyoncĂ© Knowles, Kate Hudson, Lily Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr, etc. If you are crazy into fashion like me then you must have come across her booming new designs spread in many great boutiques around the world.
I was wearing a ZicZac blue jumpsuit and one of the new most trending eye bracelets by Kettlebell with a Frillu necklace.
During my stay here in Athens I was staying at the beautiful Electra Palace and had to share with you a picture on their gorgeous rooftop which directly overlooks the Acropolis of Athens. The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky small mountain outcrop above the city.

Clutch: Camilla
Bracelet: Kettlebell Jewels
Jumpsuit: ZicZac
Shoes: Stella Luna
Necklace: Frillu

The Maxi

I was never a fan of maxi dresses. Unless they are backless or super tight I used to think if them as boring. After wearing this one for a change I realized they’re actually amazingly and I mean amazingly convenient. You just slip in and slip out! No thinking or brainstorming of what to wear just make sure the maxi is as gorgeous as this one! It’s a design by an uprising Greek brand. I wore it with my new MSGM metallic wedges and Lebanese designed beach clutch.

Maxi Dress: BeYou
Shoes: MSGM
Bag: Cream Beirut
Sunglasses: Prada
Necklace: Toi Moi

The Bananas

Aren’t bananas printed on clothes always tropical! I found myself buying a lot of banana prints lately. This skirt is just one of them by Clover Canyon.
Clover Canyon is a brand designed and produced in LA but the designer is actually half Greek.
I paired this fun printed skirt with a TopShop see-through top and a fringe necklace while I was on my way out shopping in Athens. Knowing that I was heading to hit the shops off-course I was in a splendid mood! 🙂

Top: TopShop
Skirt: Clover Canyon
Shoes: Bimba y Lola
Bag: Fendi
Rings: Ayten Bijoux
Fringe Necklace: Toi Moi
Sunglasses: Tod’s


Ishtar was the goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality. Also the personification of the planet Venus. The name Ishtar implies luxury, a symbol of wealth and prestige. The newly developed Egyptian clothing line Ishtar presents masterfully designed pieces ranging from cocktail dresses and gowns to lovely and flowery casual wear.Heading out to a fun brunch in Santorini with friends I wore this stunning two piece set by Ishtar. The fit was great and the design is simple and chic which is exactly what I like most about their designs. I paired them with my new Paola D’Arcano shoes (which I’m head over heels in love with) and my Mnologie clutch 🙂

Two-piece set: Ishtar
Shoes: Paola D’Arcano
Clutch: Mnologie
Sunglasses: Miumiu
Venue: Mystique Hotel Santorini

The Greek Spirit

Arab emerging fashion designers always add an Arabic touch to their designs. Sometimes it’s the Hamsa or the evil Eye or simply Arabic letters.
I have noticed a trend in Greek designs as well. They all use patterns and colors not only on their clothing but also as we all know in their architecture and interior design. The blue and white houses on their Islands blend in. I have also noticed their amazing kaftans and maxi dresses. Once again blending in with their colorful islands!
Here I was wearing a maxi backless dress by a great Greek designer called Twins and a slipper with a perfect Greek pattern.Dress: Twins
Clutch: Gigi New York
Sandals: Hellenic Sandals
Sunglasses: Spitfire

J’aime Les Garçons

A sunny day in Athens walking through the busy and touristic Ermou Street (not my favorite spot in Athens). I was wearing these gorgeous statement J’aime Les Garçons pants with my new metallic MSGM wedges! I’m loving this brand and everything they have ever produced.
I styled them with a simple strapless top along a vintage cardigan I had bought during my vintage shopping in Paris long time ago.Sunglasses: Chanel
Bag: Fendi
Pants: J’aime Les Garçons
Shoes: MSGMOla Couture Swimwear

Ola Swimwear is a luxury collection of hand crafted swimwear pieces based in Dubai.
The designer asked me for my exact measurements and told me “I will make sure it fits you like a glove” and it truly did. I’m usually not fond of one-pieces but those are absolutely stunning and extremely sexy! 🙂 I wore the swimsuit by the pool in Santorini and received plenty of compliments and questions about it. It’s truly the best one-piece I’ve ever worn! The fit and the design scream fierceness!

Swimsuit: Ola Couture Swimwear
Venue: Mystique Hotel Santorini
Sunglasses: Chanel

Le Papillon

I am a Sophia Webster shoe addict! I just can’t resist her shoes. Ever since the butterfly has been released I have had my eyes on it. I found it in Athens and off-course added it to my shopping cart at Sotris!
I styled it with this gorgeous St.Germain Skirt by Eggs and a Gmg top.
The necklace I’m wearing is a Greek design. This person is the “Shorouk” of Greece. Prices vary from around 100 Euros and up for each piece and the collection is outstanding and extremely elegant. You can find them at Simple Caractere in Greece. I was happy to meet the owner of Simple Caractere during my stay in Mykonos, what a great store! The buyer which is also an owner has splendid taste. If you are a fan of Camilla, Zanotti, Kenzo, and even Philip Plein then this store is a must visit when in Greece!

Necklace: Simple Caractere
Skirt: Eggs “St.Germain Skirt”
Top: Gmg
Shoes: Sophia Webster “Butterfly”
Clutch: Chanel
Sunglasses: Miumiu
Venue: Kivotos Mykonos


Heading out for dinner in Santorini I decided to finally wear my Self Portrait dress which you can buy from Styligion.
Styligion is based in Germany and luckily ship worldwide. They have the best selection of dresses and accessories. You can even find Three Floor dresses on their website and I’m very happy to be working with them.
I styled the asymmetrical petal mini dress with simple Ted Baker heels. The best thing about this dress is that it needs no jewels as it has an inserted necklace and is a jewel of its own! 🙂

Dress: Styligion
Sunglasses: Chanel
Shoes: Ted Baker
Venue: Mystique Hotel Santorini


Underground, a rising Greek brand by Apostolosmitropoulos has seriously taken me by storm. I was called “bionic woman” with admiration when I wore his dress the other day in Mykonos.
The dress has some pretty cool printed designs and the cut is to die for, sexy and yes, bionic 🙂 I paired it with a pair of Gladiators I bought off the Mykonos markets which I couldn’t resist.
I loved my stay at the gorgeous Kivotos Hotel in Mykonos. Watch out for my next few posts as many of them are shot at this outstanding boutique hotel which is also home to many celebrities and socialites in Mykonos.

Dress: Underground
Sunglasses: Styligion
Gladiators: Hand-made Greek Design
Necklace: & Other Stories
Bag: Fendi

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