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I enjoyed my stay at East Miami so much and I can’t wait for my next trip to Miami. For those of you who know me personally you’ll know how close Miami is to my heart, I’ve been a Florida girl since I was a little baby. Florida is one of those places I have been visiting strictly once a year since I was a little kid! It’s one of those traditions that I hope will never die and which I can pass on to my kids. I am also hoping to call it home soon 🙂

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m loving these new Mother Denim insider cropped jeans. They’re super comfy and make such a statement! I paired them with my new MuaMua “kiss boys and make them cry” fur clutch and Yosi Samra black fur slippers. The reason I’m loving this look is because it adds a touch of fur and fun on a rather sunny winter day! Last but not least I wore this gorgeous black leather BCBG shirt.
You can shop this entire look on Shopbop!

Jeans: Mother
Shirt: BCBG
Clutch: MuaMua
Shoes: Yosi Samra

استمتعت جدا باجازتي في شرق ميامي و مش قادرة استني الزيارة الجاية ليا تاني. طبعا اصحابي و اللي يعرفوني كويس اوي عارفين اد ايه ميامي قريبة لقلبي. انا من صغري اتربيت في فلوريدا و كنت بروح هناك مرة كل سنة و اوقات اكتر. دي حاجة من العادات اللي عايزة اورثها لاولادي. انا بحس انها فعلا بيتي.

مش عارفة اقولكم اد ايه انا بحب Mother Denim  اد ايه جينز مريح جدا و شيك. انا لبست شنطة MuaMua و شوز فرو Yosi Samra.  و اللي بيخليني احب اللوك ده هو لمسة الفرو. انا لبست كمان معاهم قميص BCBG   اسود جلد.

عشان تعمل شوب لنفس اللوك من خلال Shopbop

Jeans: Mother

Shirt: BCBG
Clutch: MuaMua
Shoes: Yosi Samra



 Ballerina Vibes

It was my birthday and I’m feeling old! I head to town in Brickell for an amazing family friends dinner at the mist try little hidden place called Visa 01! Yes it has the worlds best pizza!

I was wearing these ballerina wedges by Gucci which kind of light up bright gold! 🙂 I styled them with a Forever21 metallic pink jacket and a philosophy floral pink dress to give it an even more girly look!

Dress: Philosphy
Jacket: Forever21
Sunglasses: Tods
Shoes: Gucci

كان يوم عيد ميلادي رحت مدينة بريكل عشان احتفل مع بعض اصدقائي في مكان من الاماكن المفضلة ليا هو Visa 01 من افضل مطاعم البيتزا في العالم.  

كنت لابسة باليرنة من Gucci مضوية باللون الدهبي. و لبست معاها جاكت ميتاليك بينك من Forever21 مع فستان بنك مطبوع بالورد عشن يبقي الشكل بناتي اكتر.

Dress: Philosphy
Jacket: Forever21
Sunglasses: Tods
Shoes: Gucci

State of Mind

My favorite lunch spot in Miami remains Makoto! On this sunny day heading to enjoy my favorite sushi rolls I wore a long sleeved top by Endless Rose with amazing Pearl details. Endless rose can be purchased at many stores in the U.S. and also on Shopbop. They are known for their good prices and yet brilliantly cute pieces so be sure to check them out as I personally adore all their clothing.
I styled them with my Miumiu sandals and Urban Outfitters lace shorts which I absolutely love, aren’t they stunning?

Top: Endless Rose
Jacket: 1State
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Belt: BCBG
Sandals: Miumiu
Sunglasses: Dior
Bag: Phillip Lim

Black leather and all

Loving my new Stuart Weitzmann glitter espadrilles to the extent that I wear them almost daily!
Here I was enjoying a sunny day in sunny Florida exploring my favorite theme-park once again.
I was wearing a Phillip Lim black cross body bag which I paired with simple black leather shorts by H&M and a black plain silk top by Banana Republic. I wore this new washed-out black Isabel Marant leather jacket which truly has a very unique color to it. I found it very special when I noticed the black leather with the white washed ripped thin lines in it giving it a great look!

Jacket: Isabel Marant
Espadrilles: Stuart Weitzmann
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Shorts: H&M
Top: Banana Republic


My favorite place yet since forever remains Universal Studios. Seriously no matter what age I go at I always have the same old blast!
I was trying to keep my outfit comfortable yet stylish off-course.
I wore black and white printed cotton pants (the kind you can wear to bed yes) with an off shoulder top by Koko and Palenki.
I paired them with my new Chanel kicks and the Mc Donald’s bag. Meeting the real Spongebob was the best of it all 🙂

Top: Koko & Palenki
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Moschino
Sunglasses: Superfuture Sunglasses
Shoes: Chanel

The Capricorn

If you’re not into Linda Goodman and everything star-signs then you won’t be very fond of this post.
Yes…I’m a Capricorn and when Charlotte Olympia had those Star sign shoes released I happened to be in London and off-course couldn’t resist the Capricorn jewel (yes, a Cappy and proud). My first time ever to finally slip them on was when I was heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
I don’t want to sound snobby but I am very fond of the start sign Capricorn in general and I think it’s important for one to cherish and look up/be proud of their own star sign. I have a collection of Linda Goodmans books at home and if you are into star signs then I strongly advice you to look into her books.
I was wearing my favorite Lucy Paris top which is an emerging designer that’s oh so great! You can buy the designs at Nordstrom.

Top: Lucy Paris
Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia


This is one of the most casual outfits on my blog! 🙂 When visiting Disneys Magical Kingdom you can’t wear heels or as a matter of fact not even something expensive as everything might get soaking wet with all the fun rides.
I spend most my summers in the US especially in Florida ever since I was a little child therefore I have a special bond for Miami.
I was wearing a Disney tee and a pair of gorgeous JBrand baroque. I paired them with my favorite Barbara Bui kicks. Off course I was once again wearing my new Super Sunglasses. This sunglasses brand is booming faster than you know it and their designs are impeccable and I’m not just saying that because Rihanna wears them but they are truly gorgeous in design and each piece is a “piece” of it’s own!

Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses
Pants: J Brand Baroque
Tee: Disney
Bag: Moschino

The Olive Green

Spending a lovely afternoon strolling through Collins in Miami I couldn’t help but wear my new fancy wide legged JOA pants. Apparently Olive Green is a color that’s hitting the fashion industry once again by storm this coming season! Let’s wait and see until Fashionweek 🙂
I paired it with this gorgeous backless top I had bought from a boutique during my stay at the Exumas in Bahamas. Well, the Exumas only have literally 3 or 4 boutiques! And yet I managed to find something to buy 🙂 It’s made of silk too and is super comfy.
I styled the outfit with my Alaia heels and my Gigi New York cross bag to which I added my little Fendi Monster:)

Top: No Brand
Pants: JOA
Bag: Gigi NewYork
Monster: Fendi
Shoes: Alaia
Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses

Purse-less in Miami

After spending an unforgettable week in the Exumas going around the islands purse-less (post coming up in a few days) I went back to Miami again and decided to continue going purse-less. Isn’t it a blessing not to have to carry a purse constantly? Men do have it easier 🙂
Sunday is always brunch time in Miami and from all the choices you have there one of the best is Zuma’s open buffet located at Miami’s epic Epic Hotel!
I was wearing this printed Alexander Mc Queen skirt paired with a backless Forever21 top and the classic Saint Laurent booties.

Venue: Zuma Miami
Hotel: Epic

Skirt: Alexander Mc Queen
Top: Forever21
Sunglasses: Retro by Superfuture
Boots: Yves Saint Laurent

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