The Red Phinda

Striking furry bags and the classic plaid print are trends one should have their eye on this season! While strolling my babies down for a walk I wore the beautiful red Phinda bag I received by Okamia made of natural springbok skin. This is by far one of the softest to the touch pieces I’ve come across and as you know I’m quite the bag collector! The Phinda sparks off extremely high quality and beauty! My plaid skirt with black leather belts on the sides by Kira Plastinina adds a comfortable but hip vibe to the look.

Bag: Phinda by Okamia
Sunglasses: Miumiu 
Skirt: Kira Plastinina 
Heart Top: Motivi 
Boots: My Design
Rabbit Ring: A Zoo Shop
Hat: H&M 
Necklace: Vintage Gold and Emeralds
Earrings: Vintage Gold and Emeralds


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