The Designs by Aya Afify

I’m loving the new emerging Egyptian fashion designers. I was truly amazed by the high quality and fabrics of the Aya Afifys designs.
Aya Afify, a young talented Egyptian released her first collection in the summer of 2013. Her designs are characterised by the quality of fabric she uses, solid colours and reserved simplicity. Aya afify believes that to be a successful designer one must always be on the look for what’s new, talent itself is not enough. She studied design at the Italian fashion academy in Cairo, Egypt. She also attended a one month job shadowing internship at Maxmara in Italy.
I fell in love with so many pieces of her new collection and it gave me a hard time choosing as I wanted it all 🙂
This gorgeous Cape I wore today is extremely stylish. The great thing is that her designs are reserved but at the same time super stylish which ads a good factor to traditional conservative appearance.
I decided to wear it to a small gathering which took place again at the famous Mit Rehan House in Cairo. Being in private events gives me the privilege to go a bit more bare in Cairo. I wore my own designed boots I had designed in Beirut along my orange Birkin.

Cape: Aya Afify
Boots: Nour Aboulela
Bag: Hermes


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