Kapow the language of Comics

I finally learnt what the real meaning of the word “Kapow” is right after I bought this skirt. Yes, everything I learn is solely for the sake of fashion 🙂 There’s loads of words used in the world of comics such as bam, zap and kapow. Basically what is means is a cry within a battle or noise made after a success. It can be used for describing anything ecstatic and has no specific definition.
So, I scored this no brand skirt from an amazing boutique near my house in Beirut and I’m loving it along with my new Fendi peek-a-boo…. Kapow 🙂

Skirt: No Brand
Bag: Fendi Peek-a-boo
Sunglasses: Chanel
Rings: Frillu
Rings: Topshop
Shoes: Isabel Marant


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