Vartan for Zamalek 11211

Finally we have a magazine for our beloved Zamalek Island “Zamalek 11211”. The magazine will be providing in-depth coverage of Zamaleks Issues, events and much more. The best of all is it’s made of wood-free paper! 🙂
I was ecstatic when they labeled me as the “Zamalek Fashionista” for the magazine as I truly love this Island and it’s home to me ever since I moved to Cairo.
I joined them for a shoot in collaboration with Zamalek’s finest Jewellery store, Vartan. Vartan, an Armenian/Lebanese family run bussiness produces yet the finest gold, diamond and stone Jewellery. I personally only visit Vartan for Jewellery in Cairo and also in Beirut. Their quality and Jewels are top notch.

Magazine: Zamalek 11211
Jewellery: Vartan
Photography: Abu Samra


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