The Exumas

Finally I get to share with you my exciting trip to one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth. The Exuma Islands, Bahamas.
The Exumas consist of 365 islands with Great Exuma being the largest and most populated. Many Americans own summer homes in the Exumas which they drive out to visit by boat from Florida and other spots. There aren’t many hotels as in 5 star and 4 star hotels in the Exumas except for a few like Grand Isle resort (where I stayed) and Sandals Resort which is only for couples with no kids allowed. On the other hand the Exumas are known for their very luxurious private island resorts which prices range from about 50,000 dollars a night, yes per night! A heaven and a real hideaway where celebrities like Oprah, Lauren Hill, David Copperfield, Nicolas Cage, Johhny Depp and plenty of others have homes and spend their vacations.
I spent a good week here. It’s important to have a boat while in the Exumas as you can hop around islands all day long and discover some real treasures. Be sure to check out the picture of the sunken plane. The plane sank 25 years ago or even more and you can see it as is under the crystal clear water.
If you ever wondered where they filmed Pirates of the Carribean you are right, here.
Last but not least Mother Nature and the wildlife. Ranging from iguanas, stingrays, birds, starfishes, to swimming pigs…it’s all here! 🙂 the piggies have their very own islands too! 🙂

I was wearing: 4 of my favorite Agua Bendita bikinis throughout the trip 🙂


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