Lace Affair

Here is our second trend discussed during our live styling workshop during Beirut Designers Week.

Have you ever wondered how long Lace has been in fashion and why the royals love it so much?

Lace making started off in Northern Europe in the 17th century where it was used for decorating nearly everything from furniture to skirts and hats but it’s occupancy quickly died out until later on during the French Revolution in the 18th century where Marie Antoinette made it very popular again.
Ever since lace remained a common trend amongst the royals until the 20th century where it was spotted on dancers at the Moulin Rouge, on women in Mexico, and amongst others worldwide as for example Grace Kelly during her wedding in a beautiful lace dress in 1956.

In 1985 a big boom happened when Madonna wore a cheap stretch lace sportive look during her concert. According to statistics her look was copied by 94% of the worlds teenage girl population during the time:)

Nowadays designers have become playful with lace giving us exquisite results! Lace can be styled in summer in white while during winter black lace never disappoints in giving a sexy edgy look. Colored lace dresses are always a good idea…

Outfits available at Debi.R boutique Lebanon

Photography: Lara Zankoul


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