The Color Blocking Trend

My first subject during the live styling workshop I gave during Beirut Designers Week was about color blocking.
What is Color blocking? It is taking super saturated hues and adding them together creating one sharp eye-catching look. The outfit revolves around a palette of two or more colors which are usually in bold and bright shades. Prints and patterns are usually not used in color-blocking as they take away the blocked visual but some designers such as Clover Canyon mix blocking with patterns and prints as you can see here on the dress I’m wearing.
Color blocking is not merely a summer trend it can be easily achieved in winter as well.
Many high end designers have used color blocking in their collections over the past few years such as Gucci for example in 2011.
Obviously there’s still some basic rules here. First it’s good to understand the color wheel (see pictures) and how colors match or don’t match. Let’s think of the primary colors blue red and yellow.

From there you can choose your color block outfit with which you can go three ways:
1. Complimentary as in choosing colors from opposite sides.
2. Monochromatic as in choosing the same color in different shades.
3. Analogous which is choosing color shades that neighbor each other on the wheel.

Possibilities are still endless when it comes to fashion! 😉
Remember brights will attract and darks will conceal. So if you don’t want the attention on your hips wear a bright and vibrant jacket along with vibrant shoes and no one will notice your hips.

Outfits available at Debi.R Boutique Lebanon
Photography: Lara Zankoul

During my speech I was wearing a dress that revolves around color blocking by Vintage Story Boutique Lebanon (which you can see in the picture).


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