Maxi Dresses – a wardrobe staple

Maxi Dresses - a wardrobe staple

You know what I love about maxi dresses being a fashion staple? They’re timeless, they’re effortless, they carry you through all 4 seasons of the year and they still look stylish and cute. Maxi dresses make the kind of outfits that look like they took a lot of time to put together, but all you have to do is slip it on and maybe layer a cute leather or denim jacket depending on the weather. I love wearing maxi dresses like this to work events, with my kids, for errands, and basically just anything else. Here I paired my peace signs maxi dress with a House of Mua Mua bag that is the ultimate summer trend, ballerinas, and a denim jacket that adds some texture to the outfit and warmth. Finally, maxi dresses are for everyone! Regardless of age, event, body shape, or anything else – there will always be a cute maxi dress that makes for a great outfit.

Here are my favorite maxi dresses – shop them now at Shopbop!




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